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Keanu Reeves is actually the most amazingly genuine human on the planet. <3

Amazing art and animation, you are very talented and I hope youre doing something that talent still.

The animation is very fluid, not sure how you get it so smooth but its great

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I approve of this since I am Egg

I really liked this game, keep up the great work!

Great game by a great dev

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I wish I had a better mic when we did this... I have one now but oof

GoodL responds:

the real better mic was the friends we made along the way <3

I downloaded it and listen to it a lot when I take the bus

This was the most moving piece of music I have ever witnessed in my entire life. The tremendous highs, the thunderous lows. It scared the hell out of me right down to my ballsack. I aint gonna lie, I was terrified like satan was whispering in my ear, must be due to my sweet earphones.

After hearing the piece I was unfortunately struck by a falling toilet that had come out of a overhead plane, however luckily I had already written my will. Which was to leave Snark to play this musical wonder piece at my funeral. As the funeral filled with guests, Snark nervously played with his tie. It's okay you got this whispered his wife.

He went out and dramatically played the song. As the piece scared the absolute shit out of every single person in the audience, a secret door was revealed in the middle of the passage. In it was the plans to a hidden adventure for every guest to find magical gold. Snark was amazed, what...was going on he thought. In fact, it was so puzzling that even ANOTHER Snark is reading this asking HIMSELF what the hell is going on. Thats right, Snark-ception my friend.

As Snark realised the amazing potential of this musical piece, he decided to play it at more locations, unfortunatly it started to turn people into zombies. As the world descended into chaos and ruin all due to Snarks fault. We sit and wonder, should we blame him?

So the only ones left of the story are future alien beings that found the earth in ruins from Snarks sillyness and they decided they really liked the song, in fact in the future of the year 5000AD music has evolved to only scary snarling noises.

So as a future alien, I rate you 5/5 my good sir. Good job.

CarlTheVoiceactor responds:

Nice tale Eggy xD I would be horrified if this became the basis of music. Honored, but horrified :P

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RIP Beetle 2019 :(

BoMToons responds:

Is this a reference I don't understand?

I think its more flame than it is crab

BoMToons responds:

Dead on, but there are some crab parts thrown in.

Yay <3 Lochie

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